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We ask for respectful entries in the book of condolence. We would appreciate to know where you are writing from.

Thank you very much for your sympathy.

  1. Thomas Schinkel

    as 78 year old curious student of the pandemic of 2020, I am struck by Dr. Burkhardt’s professionalism, integrity and honesty about his findings in the realm of COVID-19 and the vaccination drive that ensued. My condolences and expressions of sympathy to his family and friends aorund the world.

  2. Condolences to family of
    Dr. Burkhardt at this very sad time 😥🙏
    From NZ

  3. Jamie Z. Gilliland

    My condolences to his family and others who knew and loved him. May God comfort you in your time of sorrow.

    The world has lost a truly great humanitarian.

    J. Gilliland
    Alabama, United States of America

  4. Jennifer Price

    What a tragic loss to humanity. His pathology expertise and revelations about the vaccine spike damage to human cells helped me to realise in his testimonies to DR Fuellmich the state of the fraud we have all been subject to. May he rest in peace and words cannot thank him enough for his perseverance.

  5. Thomas G Løken

    Dear dr Burkhardt

    Rest in peace

  6. Alfredo

    Muchas gracias, Prof. Burkhardt. Has hecho un gran trabajo.

    Thank you very much, Prof. Burkhardt. You have done a great job.

  7. Torneremo in questo mondo più forti. Grazie per aver vissuto da uomo libero e giusto. Pregheremo per la tua anima grande.

    We will return to this world stronger. Thank you for living as a free and just man. We will pray for your great soul.

  8. Jeroen Hensen

    My late dad as a collegue pathologist was total agree with the outcomes ofthiese German pathologists. Me myself I was grateful for all the work on covid you did. The truth behind thereality of covid victims. But itwastoo much silenced. Youand your collegues pathologistsdita perfect job.
    Thanks and rest in peace

  9. Maria luiza Conceincao

    Eu e meu filho estamos muito triste pelo ocorrido e obrigada por ter sido um bom pai pra o nosso filho. nunca vamos lhe esquecer 🥲

    My son and I are very sad about what happened and thank you for being a good father to our son. We will never forget you.

  10. Rebecca Ridolfo

    Earth’s loss is Heaven’s gain. Bon voyage, Arne.

  11. Valerie RN

    Thank you for standing up to organized evil. Your work is invaluable, and the world needs more people of your character and wisdom.

  12. Mary Howerton

    These days are trying for all truth seekers. The sacrifice of precious servants like Dr. Burkhardt who use their gifts to bring truth to the dark places, humbles me. There is a God in heaven who knows the beginning from the end. Justice will be served. I am lifting his loved ones before Him even now. I am so deeply sorry for your, and the worlds’ loss.
    Florida, US

  13. Ann

    May you continue your great work in the courts of Heaven. With much gratitude.

  14. Edward Bourque

    Dr. Burkhardt was a strong and brave voice in this troubled time. His pathological assessments of victims of the Covid vaccines were groundbreaking and are having a major impact on the efforts to end this ugly period in medical malfeasance. He was a hero to many of us who shared his work on social media and throughout the world at conferences. He will always be remembered as a great man.

  15. alidjafer

    c est bien une triste nouvelle ,nos sincères condoléances a la famille, ,une personne de grande valeur , merci pour tout ce qu il a fait
    (voilà nous habitons en Lorraine a 10km de la frontière Luxembourgeoise)#

    It’s very sad news indeed, our sincere condolences to the family, a very valuable person, thank you for everything he did
    (we live in Lorraine, 10km from the Luxembourg border)

  16. Josef Ilavský

    Odpočívá v pokoji.Slova a činy mluví svým vlastním jazykem po boji, který ještě neskončil. Nechť je Ti zem lehká Arne. Josef Ilavský z Mostu. Česko.

    He rests in peace.Words and actions speak their own language after a struggle that is not yet over. May the earth be light to you, Arne. Josef Ilavsky from Most. Czechia.

  17. A principled physician and champion for medical excellence and ethics, Dr. Burkhardt embodies the model for truth-telling in the age of Covid.

    Connecticut, USA

  18. Scott

    The gift of flight is reserved for those who jump.

    Thank you for making the jump and may you fly high above us with a watchful and helpful eye.

  19. janet ellis

    Thank you for everything you have done to save humanity. God bless you.

  20. Cherie

    May your heavenly crown be filled with the jewels of good works. Rest in peace brave soul.

  21. Prof. Dr. med. Arne Burkhardt was a beacon of light, truth, and courage at this time of great darkness on earth. His final pioneering research brought forth clear and indisputable evidence of the toxins upon us.

    We honor you and are eternally grateful for your outstanding work. Although you are sorely missed, rest in peace knowing that your life mission was well served. God bless your soul.

  22. Pauline Moore

    Thank you, Dr Burkhardt, for your courage in speaking out, for your honesty and integrity, for your brilliant analytical mind, and for showing us all the face of an honourable man; the world is a lonelier place without you.


  23. Hercules Panayiotides

    We salute a man’s courage and selflessness in the face of opposition We can all be proud of such a man Thank you

  24. Brigitte Bohnet, Deutschland

    Was ist Treue? Arne Burkhardt hat keinen Zweifel daran gelassen: er war treu. Ich bin froh, dass es unter meinen Landsleuten einen wie ihn gegeben hat. Nun bleibt mir zu beten, dass andere seinem Beispiel folgen mögen.

    What is faithfulness? Arne Burkhardt left no doubt about it, he was faithful. I am glad that there was someone like him among my compatriots. Now it remains for me to pray that others may follow his example.

  25. Mark Skidmore

    I offer my sincere condolences to family and friends of Dr. Burkhardt. He was a courageous and honorable man who helped all of us see the harms of the COVID-19 vaccines. His work has undoubtedly saved many lives. Someday, we will see him again.

  26. Melanie Scott

    I was so shocked and sadden by the news of Dr Burkhardt’s passing. He put his deep knowledge and expertise to work as soon as there were signs that the vaccines could be causing harm and selflessly he shared this knowledge, spreading profound understand, backed up by irrefutable and clearly described analysis. Arne Burkhardt will forever brighten the light of truth and beauty in our hearts.

  27. I had a letter to Dr. Burkhardt penned only in my mind after reading some of his papers. Even if I put it to paper, it will never be read. I am truly sorry for this great loss to medical research. Rest in peace, Dr.

  28. What a shock Professor Burkhardt’s death was. I so enjoyed listening to his reports during our Doctors for COVID Ethics zoom calls. What a sweet man, who played such a vital role in establishing the truth. He will be greatly missed, but he will be with us in spirit always.

  29. Nanette Mitchell

    It hurts my heart that we have lost another warrior in the battle of good vs evil. I pray that his spirit will bolster those still on the battlefield. Rest in peace Dr. Burkhardt.

  30. Dr. Margareta Hardy

    It was obvious when listening to Dr. Burkhardt that he was a man of knowledge and understanding. Just a little of his speech alerted me to the fact that this was a very great man and I should respond to him with respect and gratitude. I was so sorry to hear that he left us.

  31. Russell L. Blaylock,M.D.

    God bless this great man, a pathologist and lover of truth. He will be honored in Heaven and that is what counts. He fought against this evil and we all honor him who love truth.

  32. Thomas Paling

    Rest In Peace dear Professor Burkhardt . You were an example to our profession !

  33. Matthew Bradford

    Thank you for your wonderful work especially over the last 3 years. You will be missed in the rest of this fight.

    God bless and keep you.

  34. Professor Burkhardt was a man with lots of integrity and a true scientist. Germans, Europeans and mankind are indebted to him. We need more people like him in this world.


  35. Natalie Dumer

    It is rare in history that an individual, puts themselves at risk for the sake of humanity and in search of the truth. Having a profound skill set, Dr Arne Burkhardt’s contribution to investigations into spike protein within multiple tissues has led to some of the most important evidence of spike protein spread throughout the human body. A true scientist and a hero whom others should learn from.
    Rest in eternal peace Dr Arne Burkhardt (Sydney, Australia)

  36. Veronica F.

    Condolences to his family, they were blessed to have such an honourable member.
    Prof. Arne Burkhardt did what only a relatively few have done in continuity – stick to scientific principles without prejudice and share discoveries with all who would listen. A bright light in time of darkness, and someone who humanity when our ‘rulers’ would have us become machine like. History will look on this great man with respect.
    May he rest in peace.

  37. John Gibbs

    Sincere appreciation for a wonderful man and scientist Blessed we were, that he entered the frey and may his memory be blessed for ever and a day.

  38. Jason Stewart

    This man struck me as the salt of the earth, one of those who quietly and humbly live their lives, yet make more of a difference in our world than those who push themselves to the front, whose voices are heard everywhere. I wish I’d had the opportunity to meet him, but suspect that day will come.

  39. H. Amort

    One of the great qualities in our times, intellectual honesty, Prof. Burkhart lived up to it. He will be missed!

  40. Maurice Heerdink

    The sudden death of prof. Burkhardt was a terrible shock.
    His work in the last few years with his team was the most important in revealing facts and truth and an anker in all this madness.
    Although at times the presentations were very scientifically for a non-medical Dutchman I followed all and learned a lot.
    Hopefully the team will be able to continue this work in honor of a real strong and most knowledgable man.
    Forever grateful.

  41. JoBo

    R.I.P. In Memory to Prof.Dr. Arne Burkhardt R.I.P.

  42. In a time of great tyranny, Prof. Arne Burkhardt gave a stellar example for us all on how to navigate the darkness using personal integrity, courage and the appropriate use of the scientific method.

    Taken from us too early, his work will live on, his discovery of amyloidosis associated with vaccine spike, will be I believe, be one of the most important discoveries from the overzealous use of genetic vaccine exposure.

    My condolences to his family and loved ones, I pray that the collective loss we all feel, and the duty we feel to make sure that his work is never lost, helps comfort some of their pain from the passing of a truly great man

  43. Daniel Perko

    Thank you for your work

  44. Maurice McCarthy

    Bless your heart Arne Burkhardt! For showing us simply the truth! We pour out love to you on your new journey.

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